About Me

Hello and welcome to my website!

CRootes Photo

My name is Camilla Rootes and I am a second year PhD student at the University of Sheffield working on methods of reconstructing past ice sheets from glacial geomorphology.

Hopefully you have come across this page because you’re interested in my research, or more generally in glaciers and their interactions with the landscape and climate. If this is the case, well done you are in the right place. If not then don’t worry – there are plenty of pretty icy fieldwork photos to look at as well. And you might even learn something!

For an overview of my PhD project and publications, please see the ‘Research‘ page or for more of my academic background look for my ‘Academic C.V.‘. If you’d like the latest news in glacial geomorphology and for posts from my research blog, check out the ‘News‘ page. If you want to know more and would like to contact me then you can find my details on the ‘Contact‘ page.

Interests (just to prove I do have a life outside the PhD)

Outside academia, I watch every David Attenborough documentary I can get my hands on and participate in a number of sports and outdoor activities. Downhill skiing and Muay Thai are particular favourites but I also squeeze in some horse riding, scuba diving and a spot of mountaineering/ rock climbing. I’m generally pretty busy with this lot!

Before starting at Sheffield University, I took a gap year during which I backpacked in South America, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for a combined total of 6months. Over the course of this trip I took around 11,000 photos at an average rate of c.61 per day! (No, they’re not all on facebook. But a few of the more glacial ones might make it onto this site…)

I have also been working to expand my research experience by involving myself in a glaciological internship at the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI) and by volunteering my services to an Antarctic fieldwork expedition for the University of New South Wales (UNSW). At SPRI I spent six weeks under the direction of Prof Liz Morris attempting a new method of calibrating a neutron probe, which is used to measure snow density for the Cryosat fieldwork validation programme. This involved working in the cold rooms and required me to be trained in handling an alpha radiation source. Very much the hard-core physical side of glaciology!

As part of the UNSW team in the Patriot Hills of West Antarctica, I assisted with the collection of surface blue ice samples and shallow ice cores for the work of Prof Chris Turney and Dr Chris Fogwill (more info here). The project was backed by Google Australia, for whom we conducted a programme of science outreach by making daily videos throughout the fieldwork. To find out more about this project, or for a good laugh at our expense, follow these links: Snowmobile Meltdown or Ice Coring (More from the ‘Intrepid Science’ guys on Google+).