From opposite ends of the timeline: some interesting procrastination

This post isn’t academic. It’s about a couple of videos that I watched this week when I should have been working on my literature review.

We’ve all been there when we’re trying to proof-read something and mysteriously find ourselves browsing a random page on the internet. Often this is just plain old procrastination and is generally something that we try and stop ourselves doing. I personally have been experimenting with the pomodoro technique to curb my own procrastination – look out for a blog post on this in the near future.

But sometimes a bit of procrastination is a good thing and can introduce us to new ideas, or explain old ideas to us in a new way. And sometimes it can be less enlightening and more entertaining (so many cat videos and buzzfeed lists come into this category). Yesterday I had one of those rare procrastination moments that was both enlightening and entertaining. So I thought I’d share it with you.

I was on Twitter, a regular procrastination location for me, when I found myself clicking on links to two videos. They were both on the website of the British Mountaineering Council and were about the experience of two very different people tackling a challenging in the great outdoors. The protagonists couldn’t really be more different: one is a little girl of perhaps 3; the other was Sir Chris Bonington, an 80 year old mountaineer of no small renown. I think you’ll enjoy their different but ultimately very similar experiences of the hills. Perhaps these videos will even inspire you to get out and climb something, even if it’s only a short hike uphill to the pub!

Video #1: First Ascent by Katrina Brown (Entered into the BMC Women in Mountain Adventure Film Competition 2015)

Video #2: Sir Chris Bonington: The Old Man of Hoy


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